Logos, Color Schemes, Web Elements and More!

I'm a strong proponent of browser-based design which uses the natural capabilities of browsers to style elements to "discover" design rather than merely implement it. The benefits of this approach are many, however, I'm also skilled in traditional design tools which enables me to just as easily create raster or vector images for the projects I work on.

My Process

Collect and Review Source Material

Source material may include existing product branding, related imagery, or even written copy. Materials are reviewed for re-use and/or innfluence it might have on a new design.

Determine Color Palette + Theme

The color palette and theme are determined from source material and the input of stakeholders. Although the color palette is specific, the theme encompasses general concepts like "clean," or "fun."

Produce Basic Style Guide

The basic style guide is a near complete set of all standard HTML elements with the initial color scheme, typefaces, and chosen decorations applied. This style guide acts as a base to build on as the project moves forward and can be checked against for basic regression checks.

Develop Model / Object Structures

Identity the common structures across the page based on the domain model for the project. Do we have news articles? Company profiles? People profile?!? Each basic objet will get it's own distinct representation to be iterated on once layouts are more complete.

For more information about object-oriented CSS check out a presentation by Some Guy.

IW Framework Logo & Website

inKWell Framework Design
  • A simple but bold logo
  • Subtle and natural feeling colors
  • Clean buttons, informational callouts, and robust basic element styling
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Vector and Raster Artwork

Warm vector atwork of a young woman

I've been creating vector and raster artwork for over 15 years using open source tools such as GIMP and Inkscape. Prior to switching to free software, I cut my teeth on Photoshop 5.5 at the age of 15.


A glowing jelly fish set on a dark background

In addition to digital art, I also do some digital photography. I captured these during one of my many trips to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Enlarge Jellies